Im open to ideas!

Basically, I’m challenging myself as much as possible, to share as much as I can. The below are my current ideas, but I’m keen to hear your thoughts in the comments so that this list can grow. A big part of the challenge is creating videos on the go, but this is also the way I’ll be logging what I’ve done and what I’m planning… so subscribe and stay tuned.

I only have with me a running pack, a change of clothes and some camera gear. Find out more about The Light Runner and how I’m sharing my passions for running, photography and personal/team development.

100% of donations go towards Mental Health, and I’m very open to work in exchange of donations. You can see some suggestions on the right, or you can also make a pledge based on challenges completed. $1 for every kilometre I run, 500 Euros to take a group out of the office, one million dollars to do a marathon in every capital city of Europe… you name it!



  • Create videos and take requests
  • Light paint messages suggested by people making donations
  • Draw stop-motion images of a “light runner” to be made into a movie
  • Drawing using GPS tracking
  • Teach the joys of running to schools and office groups
  • Take groups team building
  • Run part or all of the Camino trail
  • Large scale light painting- from up high, lots of people, big areas
  • Set a Guinness World Record (surely there’s something wacky that I could achieve)
  • 24hr run
  • Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc course
  • Circumnavigate Mallorca
  • Run around key attractions “…” many times
  • Race certain trains, buses etc through cities. Maybe race people to work
  • Interviews
  • Longest continual run without stopping
  • Largest light painting
  • Race a horse over a long distance (technically, if given a long enough distance a human can beat a horse)
  • Cross every one of Venice’s canals
  • Tap into various interest groups to get them involved with a challenge
  • Do tasks while running
  • Enter marathons, obstacle course races and other events- do something unique in them (skip, wear an outfit, run with someone)
  • See how many times a country can be circumnavigated
  • Run to Nordkapp (northernmost part of Norway)
  • Run the Houtribdijk- dam wall
  • Luxembourg- most multicultural country in the world- see how many languages I can find
  • Run up San Marino
  • Swim with underwater torches… to make night photos

What’s your idea?


Please comment below with ideas of where to go and what to do. If you know people living or travelling in Europe, please share this with them and ask them to contact me with their details. Thanks!

Got some great ideas? Please leave in the comments below:

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