I’m back and I have some stories to tell! Travel is a great metaphor for life, it has its challenges and its rewards. By setting up some odd rules and with the mission to raise money and spread awareness for Mental Health, I ended up having an epic 3 months.

At the start of my European journey, I realised I wouldn’t be able to do all the challenges, travel and free-wheelin adventure as well as editing together the videos (I would have been stuck in internet cafes the whole time).

So I didn’t get bogged down and instead stayed in the moment, and the result is I had many crazy experiences and have some great stories to tell. Ironically it was also great for my own Mental Health, and I’m keen open up discussions with you like Ive been doing with all sorts of people around the world.

I have photos to help tell the stories, so stay tuned for a venue and what will be included by joining the Event on Facebook:

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