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A new way of getting to Airports

It was a big first day…

My first challenge was simply getting everything ready before I left. Not just preperation for The Light Runner, but also moving out of home and office. After smashing through plenty of work on minimal sleep, the countdown finally ended and it was time to begin. If it wasn’t for my Mum I wouldn’t have got away (thanks ma!).

It was a beautiful winters day.

The run to the airport ended up quite eventful. After a diversion (which was a great bonus along the cliffs), I was genuinely  worried for my life. I guess there’s something about the sound of gunfire nearby which is unsettling, along with not knowing if you’re  in a safe place.

I got some strange looks from golfers, so I chirped out at the…. “I’m off to the Airport, going to Europe for 3 months!”… it seemed to make slightly more sense for them.

I’d been enjoying the run too much. After months of planning, it was great to just be running. I started getting a bit concerned though about my timing. Stopping to film, take photos and fix up my gear (it started falling apart and I think it will be a while before my rig gets settled) meant I had to run twice as far in half as much time to get to the airport.

I decided not to be too risky, which ended up for the better as my right knee flared up and in the end it was a struggle to keep moving along Port Botany, where I arrived just in time to check in, buy plenty of subway and a gatorade (I hadn’t really eaten enough and didn’t drink much along the way).

So strange to say goodbye to my base of 4 + years. Litterally flying off on it.

Landing in Burnswick Heads it was great to be surrounded by family. As with the intro videos, I decided to exploit the cuteness of nephews for the video. Plus im still not sure how the blogs will work in terms of the tone and feel. Its easier to be natural with others around.

The plan is to do the Gold Coast Marathon early the next morning with Zac my brother in law, but I was already knackered and the adventures and only just begun.